“A Modesty Haunted by the Devil” Lunch with Jacques Derrida

Twelve noon at the cocktail bar of the Landsdowne Hotel, I am the first one to arrive. germany server hosting the barman asks me what I would like, I ask for a whiskey that it turns out I am too afraid to drink. I fear that he will smell it on my breath. Then I hear a bunch of people arriving, uncertainly climbing the stairs, unsure if they have come to the right place. Famous Pairs both young and old people, they are mainly staff and students from the Power Institute of Fine Arts, which hosts his trip here in Sydney. I notice that the women have in general gone for a decidedly French look, elegant suits, with skirts and stockings. One women is all in leather.

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(This is an article about a meeting with Jacques Derrida in Sydney in 1999. It was first published in Revolver magazine.)

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