Dying at Home (Planning Ahead and Preparing Well) with Kerrie Noonan

In Australia, 70 percent say they want to die in the comfort and intimacy of their own homes, but less than 20 percent do.  What, if anything, can we learn from those who succeed? What are the factors that enable home death? And what can we do to plan well-enough for our own care when we are dying?

In this workshop, Kerrie will share stories from a unique social research project on how communities care when someone is dying at home, and her own personal and professional experiences to demonstrate some key learnings over the past 20 years. Importantly, the workshop will also provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your personal experiences with dying and death and your personal values so that you can take action toward developing the know-how to plan well for end of life.

Kerrie Noonan founded The Groundswell Project in 2010 and has been working on initiating our projects and partnerships. With interests in health promotion, capacity building, social media, creativity and innovation Kerrie is passionate about the role that the arts can play in facilitating social and cultural change about death and dying.

Kerrie has worked in community development, as a social researcher, clinical psychologist in palliative care, health and community settings.

Kerrie is a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Sydney. You can watch Kerrie present at TEDxSydney and read her articles 10 Facts about death everyone should know and Talking about Death with Children: Lessons from Sesame Street.