Soul Kits with Trypheyna McShane

In this workshop, Trypheyna will teach you how to begin your own “Soul Kit”. A “Soul Kit” is where you will keep all your end of life wishes, stored in one easy to find place for one day when it will be needed. It will also have the things you are proudest about your life that you want to be known as your legacy. It can include practical things like passwords to your social media accounts and emails so they can be shut down to ideas on how you would like to be remembered to songs you would like played, funeral arrangements and what you want to be done with your body.

Trypheyna says: “We’re all going to die at some point. Our lack of preparation for the one thing we will all do, die, can cause such heartache and angst for those left behind that it makes real sense to spend some quality time on considering how we would like our end of life to be, long before it actually happens. I believe this needs to be creative and enjoyable and so that is what I have built into my workshops.”

Tryphryna McShane is co-author of The Intimacy of Death and Dying — Simple Guidance to Help You Through. She is an artist and art therapist, who has worked at Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice. She currently teaches at Nature Care College, Sydney

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