Yoga with Savasana Mind with Akhila Hughes

Savasana translates as ‘Corpse Pose’ in English.

BKS Iyengar taught that in this pose, you learn to relax “by remaining motionless for some time and keeping the mind still while you are fully conscious.”

This yoga class will begin with Savasana with the aim of developing a Savasana mind and taking that deep relaxation through the class.

Intensity is often seen as fast and physically difficult and more exciting than slowing down and really feeling what is happening – in our mind, in our body. But intensity can be tender, it can be instinctive and intuitive, it can be spacious and slow. It can be Savasana.

Akhila Hughes has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for over 15 years and teaches at Black Lotus Studios in Enmore, Sydney.

She aims to practice and teach yoga on a deep feeling level and her teaching is about guiding her students to feeling, to see the difference between feeling and thinking, to feel the connections in the body, the breath and the mind and to understand the relationships between them.