Every year we receive countless requests from people wishing to give workshops or performances at the festival. We do not make a call for applications like other festivals. The festival is not simply organised, it is curated with a specific dramaturgy in mind which changes every year with each edition. As a rule, the director only invites people to give workshops if he already knows the presenter's work first hand and is convinced they have something specific to offer within the overall framework of the festival. The 2017 edition of the schedule is full. Please do not ask if you can present a workshop there.

However, each year we organise a Deathlab in every city where the festival will take place, to give an opportunity for those who wish to join the festival program. Deathlab is a day of research and experimentation, where people are invited to propose and try out ideas for workshops, installations and performances at the festival. Sign up to our mailing list to be updated about the next one.