Lindsay Dugan is a shihan ('master') of shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute. Having first heard the sound of the shakuhachi in Sydney, he soon moved to Japan to learn from renowned masters, and spent more than a decade studying and performing in Japan.

Lindsay's practice is centred on the traditional solo repertoire for shakuhachi, known as honkyoku ('fundamental pieces'). Honkyoku are historically rooted in Fukeshū, a sub-sect of Zen Buddhism. Embodied in honkyoku practice is the concept of shugyō, or training, to focus the mind, body, and spirit. Lindsay also performs traditional jiuta sōkyoku ensemble repertoire together with koto (13-string zither) and shamisen (3-string lute), and contemporary music.


In addition to a traditional shihan master's license, Lindsay holds post-graduate degrees in shakuhachi performance from Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Tokyo University of Fine Art and Music ('Tokyo Geidai'), and is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne (Ethnomusicology). He regularly teaches and holds workshops, and is the president of the Australian Shakuhachi Society.