Lynne Santos has been a dance and theatre practitioner since 1975 with a focus on image-based movement and performance improvisation. She has been a member of Kinetic Energy, One Extra Dance Co, Theatre of the Ordinary, Born In A Taxi, Teatro de l'IRAA and Mixed Company. She has also performed in projects with De Quincey Co.

Lynne is currently completing a BA in Creative Writing at RMIT University. Much of her writing in both fiction and non-fiction works investigates death.


Dissolution is an image-based movement piece. It is a study of the dying body, tracing a sequence of stages from the last breaths, being held by others, the life force vacating the body to the inert state of rigour mortis and the dispersal of the physical remains.

Ash is a component of the piece, representing both body and spirit. It is the end product of cremation but also, in its apparent weightlessness, a metaphor for the spirit.