Do You think about death and dying?


The First Melbourne Edition of the Festival 

In contemporary Western culture death and dying are generally regarded as something to fight against, deny, hide from public view and above all fear. But what if we were to look at them differently? Despite understandable fear and denial, we may have very good reasons to want to learn more about death and dying. Thinking about and experiencing mortality–our own and that of others–can make us our lives richer, deeper and more valuable to us. Mortality in truth is the intensification of life.

We are announcing the first Melbourne edition of the Festival of Death and Dying in collaboration with our friends at Dancehouse and the Melbourne community. The festival will take place 9-10 September 2017 at Dancehouse Studios located at 150 Princes Street, North Carlton. There will be over 20 participatory workshops, performances, talks and ceremonies on different aspects of death and dying over two days. In addition to talks and discussions, you will have experiences, which do justice to the full spectrum of what is at stake in mortality. 


Festival Director: Peter Banki, Ph.D

Curatorial Advisor and Festival Dramaturgy: Victoria Spence

Our Workshops and Events

Melbourne Festival Schedule

All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body–both young and old, people of varied and all abilities.

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