Active Yielding with Alice Cummins

Yielding is a release into gravity as well as space. It brings us to a place of deep stillness and rest supporting recuperation for our nervous system and the potential transformation through surrender. In this workshop, Alice will guide participants through the experiential embodiment of ‘yielding’ – a Body-Mind Centering® principle that actively explores our relationship to gravity and space. Through our relationship with gravity we find our relationship with space. These yielding states impact every cell in our body. Yielding supports us finding connection and presence both within ourselves and in the relational field with others.

‘Living better’ in the ways proposed by the philosopher Whitehead is to find ways that are more satisfying. How we yield affects how we attend and discern. These are qualities to be harnessed for our everyday life and dying is part of that everyday.

Alice Cummins MA, is a dance artist, Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner and Movement Educator (ISMETA). She has been researching and teaching her work nationally and internationally for over twenty years. Her process creates an environment of refined somatic awareness and generates engagement and embodied intelligence within a community of shared inquiry. Alice’s approach is accessible to people from diverse backgrounds.

Alice’s performance career has given her the privilege of working with many wonderful artists across different artforms. She has collaborated with musicians, writers, visual artists and filmmakers. Her solo work has been performed at PICA (Perth Institute of Performing Arts); Performance Space, Sydney; and Dancehouse, Melbourne. Alice has a twenty-year history of creating improvisational performances and has a commitment and love of this compositional form.

Body-Mind Centering® is an embodied approach to learning, living and knowledge making. Workshops include experiential anatomy guided movement and touch, and experiential anatomy. BMCSM invites change that is an integration of your physical, psychological, intellectual and imaginative life. Alice studied Body-Mind Centering® with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the United States, 1995-98.