Intergenerational Trauma and Healing with Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor (2:30-4pm)

In this workshop Aunty Rhonda will speak about the legacy of intergenerational trauma that has been a consequence of settler colonialism in Australia.

Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovernor is a Gadigal/Yuin elder with over 50 years experience as an entertainer and Cultural Arts Educator.

Aunty Rhonda embodies Indigenous Knowledge Systems through Traditional Art and Cultural Practices drawing from  embedded Ancestoral Knowledge handed down to her from her Elders.

AuntyRhonda has also has studied within the Western Education system and has a Masters in Aboriginal Studies and Wellbeing (Intergenerational Trauma and Recovery) She has competed Seasons for Growth (Grief and Loss) Studies and currently developing a Holistic Empowerment and Healing Program

AuntyRhonda is Passionate about Healing and Peace



Intergenerational Trauma and Loss in Aboriginal Communities Is because of complex Loss

Loss after 

Loss after


It is accumulated loss 

Loss of Land

Loss of Equity

Loss of Status

Loss of opportunity 

Loss of Culture

Loss of children (Stollen Generation) 

Loss of Acknowledgement Breaking up of families through the extremely high incarceration rate of Aboriginal people. This accumulated Loss has bought sadness and Trauma which has been passed down through the generations.

My Grandfather said β€œThey bought the Problem here: the Alcohol violence etc and left us with Mental Health and other problems. Now we are left dis-eased with complex problems and trauma. We need the mainstream system to work with us, be guided by us and our methodologies utilising our Cultural and Traditional Knowledge and Practices) where the mainstream Non-Aboriginal people with skills in Western Psychology and Neuro Plasticity methods can assist them with skills, knowledge and training Empowering Aboriginal and other people who are trying to live with complex Trauma and how they can again find their lost souls.