Experiencing Terminal Cancer with Tamara Targo

Tamara Targo was a multinational corporate veterinarian working herself to death when, at the age of 36, she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The ensuing surgery, tumour regrowth, radiotherapy and chemotherapy somewhat changed her life perspective, and she now has a very different philosophy on what is important. Having worked in the only profession where euthanasia is a daily event, and observing her clients' approaches to death and grief, Tamara also has a unique insight into peoples' behaviour when faced with not only the imminent death of a loved one but a death they voluntarily chose to make happen.

Altogether, Tamara's observations, experiences and conclusions make for some engaging insights surrounding terminality. Get in quick, this workshop is only available while she lasts!

Terminal cancer is such a common diagnosis, but unless we have had personal experience with it we are very sheltered from how it feels to be diagnosed. Often we are at a loss just simply knowing how to respond when someone confides in us that they're dying. In this workshop Tamara candidly shares her own experience of being diagnosed with terminal cancer at 36, and provides an opportunity for everyone to explore how their lives would be impacted if they received this diagnosis. The second part of the workshop investigates the question of what is an appropriate response when the ill person tells you, the healthy person, that they're terminal. To conclude the workshop, there will be a no holds barred discussion and Q&A session around terminal illness where nothing is taboo.