Meditations with David Packman

Contemplating death and dying is a core principle in meditative practice. Drawing on his own experiences, as well as lessons from historical influences such as the Stoics, the Samurai and Buddhist traditions of conscious dying, David Packman will guide workshop participants through a powerful death meditation as well as discuss the concepts and underlying philosophy of such a practice. The workshop will also include a series of related exercises which focus on the pivot point where life is given and taken away – the breath.


After more than 20 years working with the world’s leading brands as a communications senior executive, a series of significant life events led David Packman to shift gears. In 2007, his sister chose to end her life after many years struggling with chronic physical illness. Three years later his mother made the same decision after a courageous battle with cancer. Shortly after, David was diagnosed with a progressive rare blood cancer himself. During the journey of self-discovery that ensued, David turned to meditation and now helps others by using that medium to share his experiences of life and death. A qualified mindset coach and MAA-registered meditation teacher, David is also a certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor. A regular speaker and facilitator, David is an editor at The Good Men Project and contributes to numerous other wellbeing and lifestyle publications. David can be found at