Published Writings

1.)             Banki, P. 2017. The Forgiveness To Come: The Holocaust and the Hyper-Ethical New York: Fordham University Press (“Just Ideas”). In Press. (‘The Forgiveness To Come’  (2009) is the Ph.D dissertation. It is an earlier version of the book.)

Scholarly book chapters

2.)              Banki, P. 2016. ‘The Self-Othering of Philosophy and Literature in Early German Romanticism’ in Das Fremde und das Eigene Edited by Peter Morgan et al. (St. Ingbert: Röhrig Universitätsverlag). In Press. (This is the most recently submitted draft.)

3.)              Banki, P. 2016. ‘Pornosophy: Jean-Luc Nancy and the Pornographic Image’ in Nancy and Visual Culture edited by Adrienne Janus and Carrie Giunta, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 109-129.

4.)              Banki, P. 2015. „Vergebt mir diese meine Tugend“ in Simon Wiesenthal Die Sonnenblume: Uber die Moglichkeiten und Grenzen von Vergebung. Erzählung und Antworten. Edited by Nicola Jungsberger. Europa Verlag Berlin, 162-168.

5.)              Banki, P. 2012. ‘The Survival of the Question: Simon Wiesenthal’s The Sunflower in Terror and the Root of Poetics. Edited by Jeffrey Robert Champlin. New York: Atropos Press, 110-138.

6.)           Banki, P. 2008. ‘La discrétion—la réserve—est le lieu de la littérature’ in Levinas, Blanchot: penser la différence E. Hoppenot et A. Milon (eds.) (Presses Universitaires de Paris 10, co-édition avec les Editions de l’Unesco), 311-318.

Refereed journal articles

7.)              Banki, P. 2014. ‘Humour as the Inverted Sublime: Jean Paul’s Laughter within Limitations’ Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy, No. 21, 58-68.

8.)              Banki, P. & Antalffy, N. 2014. ‘Re-reading Sexuality as a Life Practice: A Conversation between Peter Banki and Nikó Antalffy’ Writing from Below, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1-34.

9.)              Banki, P. 2011. ‘Seeking Forgiveness (Jacques Derrida)’ Culture Theory and Critique vol. 52, issue 2-3, 285-302.

10.)              Banki, P. 2009. ‘Tournant de souffle, larmes’ Revue Lignes No. 22: Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, (Paris, Centre National du Livre), 164-166.

11.)              Banki, P. 2001. ‘To Translate Blanchot?’ Oxford Literary Review, volume 22, number 1 ‘Disastrous Blanchot’ 2001, 178-184.

12.)            Banki, P. 1998. ‘Political Identification and the Differand’ Law Text Culture (in memoriam of Jean-Francois Lyotard) Vol. 4(2), 263-288.

Interviews and Online Material

13.)            ‘Are any of us truly comfortable with sex?’, The Guardian (Australia Edition), published 7 March, 2016.

14.)            ‘The Trouble with Sex’, ABC Radio National interview on ‘The Philosopher’s Zone’ with Anne Dufourmantelle and Romana Byrne. See also online article accompanying interview ‘Sex and Philosophy: Uneasy Bedfellows’, published April 24, 2014.

15.)           ‘A Modesty Haunted by the Devil: Lunch with Jacques Derrida’ Revolver Magazine, published September 1999.