Voluntary Assisted Dying With Sarah Edelman, Ph.D

Repeated opinion polls show that the vast majority of Australians want the option of a medically assisted death, should they be faced with unrelievable suffering at the end of life. Yet bills that have attempted to legalise end-of-life choices have been consistently voted down in our state parliaments.

In this workshop you will learn about the arguments in favour and against medically assisted dying. You will also have the opportunity to explore your own thinking in relation to this issue. Options currently available for individuals who want a peaceful death at a time of their choosing will be discussed, as will other key issues related to the debate.

Sarah Edelman, Ph.D is President of Dying with Dignity, NSW. She is also a clinical psychologist in private practice, author and trainer. Sarah conducts programs on popular psychology topics for mental health practitioners, GPs and the public. She is author of the bestselling book “Change Your Thinking”, and is a frequent guest on ABC 702 radio.

Sarah became an advocate of end of life choices in the 1990’s when she was running groups for women with metastatic breast cancer. The experience highlighted the importance of having choice, when one is confronted with the reality of one’s own impending death.